16 November 2011

back to the drawing board

i have been taking drawing I at the local community college this semester...
growing up, when i was asked what i wanted to "be" when i grew up, i would say a graphic artist (that is after i outgrew airline stewardess and model :)

in fact, when it came time to choose a high school in canada, i chose the more technical high school versus the academic one.  i knew i would get more exposure to arts at the technical one.
my family moved to kentucky right before my sophomore year, and somehow i didn't even consider art classes in high school anymore.  i took the classes my counselor told me too.

by the time college rolled around, i had set my artistic aspirations aside.
i was chicken.
i always felt like my stuff wasn't good enough.

i majored in elementary education - and really did enjoy that.  the closest i got to art was a calligraphy class (which i LOVED!!)

well, now that my kiddos are old enough, i have found my first love resurfacing.
i signed up for the drawing class - with students almost my oldest son's  age.
i considered dropping the class because of that old fear that i wasn't up to par, but i didn't.

i have learned so much in this class and am so glad i hung in there.

we have an assignment due tomorrow.
we were supposed to take four 8 x 10 black and white portraits, cut them up and reassemble them... then draw a 16 x 20 graphite picture.

this is my 8 x 10.  
(we had to do a 1" grid on the original and then a 2" grid on our drawing paper)

here's what i have - almost done -still to be matted.

i think i will call it 'middle earth'


Charlotte said...

I love it! Your drawing is so incredible! You are an amazing artist!! How wonderful that you have gone back to drawing! I am so impressed!

Blake and Audra said...

I will call it outstanding!! Elizabeth, I had no idea. Although, I can't say I'm all too surprised. You're pretty much amazing at everything you do. I'm so proud of you for going back to what you love. And, on a side note, I had completely forgotten you lived in Canada.

Blake and Audra said...
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Splendorfalls said...

Really cool that you are living your creative life; love it!

Sant Family said...



Jackie Russell said...

I see some amazing talent here!

cozy said...

thanks guys :) you are soooo nice!