10 November 2011

time out!

 i had a birthday not too long ago - and life has been really busy.
a wonderful friend (Charlotte, pictured below on the left) called to wish me a happy birthday and offer me a free trip to kansas city to time out for women, which is put on by deseret book.  Charlotte offered me tickets to the event, hotel and a ride!

well, believe it or not, i really wanted to go, but had to think about it.  i debated back and forth -  should i go - should i stay.  my family had things going on... but, i finally woke up thursday morning and thought, "am i crazy!!???  free room, transportation, ticket - oh yeah!"

we stayed at the sheraton in overland park - connected to the convention center.  so awesome :)
i loved some of the elements in the lobby...


huge wing chairs with reading lamps...

with a gorgeous oversized leather ottoman in the middle of the four wing chairs.

i thought this idea for artwork was cool.  
close up pictures of watches.  
you could do this for anything you love or collect.


this was where you took the elevator...
i've realized that i am a huge fan of symmetry.

this was a showstopper in the convention center.

jennie's imitation of the vase in the corridor :).

this really was a time out for me :)!  all of the speakers were wonderful.
i am so grateful for loving friends.

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Sant Family said...

I am so laughing at this. It is so completely you to actually THINK about whether or not to take someone up on their gift of a FREE weekend!

I've been to a few TOFW and loved them. Never stayed at a hotel for one, I think that would make it even better.

I miss you!