03 January 2013

Practice makes (maybe one day) perfect and other random thoughts

Christmas brought a gift I've wished for quite some time.

A new camera.

Which has brought lots of reading about photography - 
and signing up for a digital photography class at the local community college.  
I can't wait!  

I've been reading different blogs with tips about photography... and aperture, and shutter speed and light and other things I really have no clue about.  

Years ago I saved up my pennies and bought a 35mm film camera hoping to take spectacular, breath taking photos.  Can't remember any that took away my breath, but lots of nice memories were preserved.  I think deep down I have always had that desire, so here's hoping.

I've been playing around a bit - reinforcing my knowledge that I have a lot to learn :).

Let's call these some "before" pictures...

 We got a leetle bit of snow.

 These usually sit on my kitchen windowsill.

 I love this little man... so cute!  My daughter and I found him on one of our annual Christmas ornament shopping trips.

 Have I ever told you I love pineapples?  They are a symbol of hospitality (we give our neighbors a pineapple each year for Christmas... a real one, not a ceramic one ;)

 Caught relaxing after a long day at church...

 And then I got caught...

I can't wait to share what I learn.  See ya soon :)

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