18 March 2010

hallway redo

It seems that we are in the constant mode of remodel.  Happily, this doesn't really bother me because I know change is coming - eventually.  Our kids bathroom remodel has hit the one year mark now - although it is now functioning (but that's for another post).

Our hallway has needed a face lift for a while (yeah, don't mind the bare ugly stairs - that's another redo I am working on...)

This redo started with some fabulous Oops paint - from Lowe's - only a half hour old!  gotta love that.  I found some frames at HomeGoods for $3 a piece.  They had fabric covered mats that I was not too fond of, so I covered the mats and painted the (existing white) front sides black - acrylic paint.  Then I went to The Graphics Fairy website where you can find really cool vintage graphics that you can download and print for free.

I went around the house and found all the black framed pictures that I thought would go well together and then measured out my wall space on the the floor and marked out my space with painters tape so I could play around until I found a combination that satisfied me.

 I might add a little black vinyl here and there to fill in some of the larger spaces, but over all I am happy with how this turned out.


Sants said...

Elizabeth! This looks fabulous! Good job! Excellent job! Love you!

Angeleah said...

Very Cute!