01 April 2010

gee i'm glad that cows can't fly... and other random thoughts

birdie, birdie in the sky...
why'd you do it - on my van side view mirrors...

not to mention all the other neighbors cars and people who visit us!

This is the offender - now known as either "poop bird" or "doo doo bird" in these parts.  We are remodeling and can't park in the garage right now.  I took my van to the car wash and felt so much better, BUT he/she has already started up again!!!

On the random thoughts side of things... Did you know that if you hold up a water bottle in front of your face, you can get a cool picture like this?

Our #2 son had some french toast and found this on his plate - untouched photos - I promise...

Cool, huh?  (Or is it small things amuse small minds? :)

Lastly, but most important - a HUGE thank you to all those that have wished me

My surgery went well, but the verdict is still out as to whether or not I am done with all this.  People were so very kind to our family.  Lots of yummy food - and even an ice cream cake (pictured above).  My daughter asked if I could be "sick" a bit longer.  I had not done much in the cooking department the last while, so everyone was very grateful, but I think most of all me.  Thanks so much.


Bernard said...

I was out driving yesterday and thought, "That looks like Elizabeth's van." As we passed, yep it was. The side was covered in bird poop.

Love you, Terry

Sants said...
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