11 January 2012

stringing along

i've been wanting to try paper piecing for awhile and finally decided to give it a try.
for those who have never heard of this, it just means that you sew your fabric onto a piece of paper first - as a guide. when things are pieced together, you rip away the fabric.
i looked at this tutorial from film in the fridge...
i do two things differently. i folded my paper in half... and i did iron my white center strip of fabric in half too and then matched up my creases (instead of using the glue stick to hold the center strip in place) .

does that make any sense? if you want me to show you what i mean, let me know and i will :)

the blocks went together really quickly and i found that i enjoyed this process alot.
i used fabric from my scraps.
v e r y simple... a just right project for the holidays.
here is the top pieced together... needing some trimming.

i have chosen this flannel for the back. i have learned that my family doesn't really care what my quilts look like - it's all about warmth. flannel backed quilts are the ones they fight over, so it's time for some more of them in this home.
i'll show you the finished project when it is done :)


Nancy said...

Nice!! I'm working on getting a scrap bucket together so I can make one of these...

Kristy said...

I love string quilts. Yours looks Great!

Sant Family said...

I love to paper piece. A string quilt is on my list! I even have the fabric that I bought about ... 6 years ago for a green, black and white one. Inspired by? FILM IN THE FRIDGE! Oh, why oh WHY don't we live closer to each other?!

Splendorfalls said...

Lovely. I like the wide white you used, it looks great!

Happy Mom said...

Beautiful! Love the colors and the striped back.